The Easy Way To Unblock Your Favourite Streaming Sites

Do you need a VPN to watch Netflix on your Android or iOS mobile? It is clear that many people use VPN services to be able to watch Netflix anywhere in the world without any content restriction for living in a certain country. The problem is that this does not like the producers of TV series that sell the rights of the series to other channels in different countries. The business is going to sink … but you want to see all the TV series that have premiered in USA, UK or any other country other than yours.

If we connect to a VPN network, our IP changes to the server IP of the country where we connect, and Netflix should not realize it. This worked until very recently with almost all companies that sold their VPN services, but now Netflix has begun to cover many of these accesses. Hello Unblocker , BetterNet , Tunnelbear ,  HideMyAss ,  CyberGhost  or  TorGuard  no longer serve to see Netflix anywhere in the world and without regional barriers.

But we’re lucky, there are still a few VPN services (free and paid) that still work with Netflix. I will highlight the best.

watch streaming video online Why do we want to use a VPN service with Netflix?
The most obvious reason is that you will be able to watch the Netflix USA series, Netflix UK from Spain or another country. but it will also improve your security and privacy online.

It is not recommended to use a free VPN to watch Netflix for one simple reason: you will not get enough bandwidth to see the series without cuts. You can try, but you will get better results with paid VPNs.

The steps to follow are simple to see a series of Netflix USA (or any other country):
• You register on Netflix (30 days free trial).
• You sign up for a good VPN that avoids the geographical restrictions of Netflix.
• You connect to the VPN: you have to use a server that is located in the country where you are going to see Netflix (with an IP from that country).
• Then you access Netflix with your username and password
• You already have available all the movies and TV series from that country and not yours.

How does a VPN network work?
A VPN network will encrypt all your data as soon as you install your software on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You will create a kind of tunnel where your data will travel safely encrypted (you will only see numbers and random letters): only you and the VPN know the \“key\” that encrypts your communication, to put it in some way (the process it’s quite complex). Even if someone is able to penetrate inside that tunnel, everything he sees inside him will seem unintelligible. A good way to improve your online security. In addition, you can change your IP to simulate that you are connected from another country (what interests us).

What do we need in a VPN service to watch Netflix?
• High download speeds to watch 4K and HD content without \“jumps\”
• Good coverage of servers at a geographical level
• Privacy & Security
• Support for iOS and Android mobile devices
• Return of the cost of the service during the first days in case it does not work