Best Online Story To Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 Phone

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is Samsung’s best mobile phone . It does not matter what opinions we have about your screen, your design or your camera, because any analysis we make of this phone is based on the fact that this year the South Koreans have put on the table the best of themselves to give life to one of the best mobiles of the year .
samsung s8
This review of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is very special for several reasons. First, because we have already tested the Samsung Galaxy S8 + , the older brother of the family of the new Galaxy S8 that such a good taste left us during the review; second, because this particular model is much more compact and manageable with only one hand , something his older brother could not presume; and third because, in the end, we are only a motive to close our review of the best phone reviews of the year.
And that remaining phone is precisely the Samsung Galaxy S8 .