Samsung Galaxy S8 Deal

We already got the chance to spend some time with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 + . Not very long, everything has to be said, but it has been enough to have some initial impressions of what these new devices that have been announced today - and what we have given good account in Topes de Gama .
We tell you the sensations we had when using the new high end of the Korean company.
galaxy s8
The two versions have left a very good taste of the mouth in general, since their finishes are really attractive - without lacking curvature to the screens and having in the metal the material of manufacture used -. They evolve well from the model they replace in the market . The feeling, though, is that they have chosen details of the latest models of the manufacturer to assemble the best and thus obtain a device to tractive while has good ergonomics .

The buttons are kept in place. In the new Samsung Galaxy S8 the touch front, Home included, go to better life and now, these are replaced by integrated ones on the screen - the main with some response to pressure. By extension, the fingerprint reader is located next to the rear camera. A rather high place the truth, and that is not especially successful for your access (but the answer is very good).