Expert Tips For Traveling Around Asia

One of the most important things if you travel to Asia is not to have a closed itinerary or a very established planning , so that improvisation can be part of the trip. You do not believe it? Imagine enjoying a beach postcard where you have only booked two nights accommodation. If you have a route without too much programming, you can allow yourself to extend the stay a few days and finish enjoying that place of dreams.
What to see in Asia2. Check the documentation before leaving home
It might seem very obvious, but there is nothing worse than getting to the airport and realizing that your passport is expired. In order to avoid this, it is best to check the documentation a few weeks before the trip and, whenever possible, bring a copy of all the important documents in the cloud that you can consult offline .
In this way, you can travel peacefully and, above all, with the assurance that no documentation will sour, even a little, your trip.
airstrip landing
3. Animals always in their natural environment
In some Asian countries, unfortunately, there are places where animals are not precisely in their natural environment. Before participating in certain activities or excursions, we invite you to consider if you really want to see an elephant painting a painting, approach a tiger until you can touch it while you look into his eyes and curiously see his look completely empty …
Before going to any of these places, ask yourself a simple question: Is this its natural place? If the answer is no , think twice before doing the activity.
elephants spring water
4. Carry only what is necessary in the backpack
Just think that in most Asian countries it is hot and there is no great difference in temperatures between seasons, as in our summer and winter .
Once you have made sure of the temperatures, we guarantee that you will be grateful to wear only a pair of t-shirts, pants, a dress and a bathing suit . Little more is needed and in case you need anything, you can always buy it at the destination.
Of course, do not forget to wear comfortable shoes , we are sure that your feet will thank you and much. In this sense, El Naturalista has a perfect footwear line with which to enjoy every step you take in Asia.
5. Enjoy the local gastronomy
If there is something that we can not forget in a trip to Asia is of its gastronomy , another great reason to travel to this area of ​​the world.
Here the food more than to taste it is lived , and is that every bite is an explosion of flavors, colors and smells. Also, do not worry if there is no English letter on the premises. Simply point out some dish you like from a table you have near or ask to enter the kitchen to see what is cooked in the stove . You will surely be entertained by smiles and delighted to help you choose a dish that is to your liking.
food6. Haggle, but always with education and respect
In practically all Asia it is haggling and much. In addition, an obligation is even considered. So if you like something, be prepared to take it easy and after a long conversation in which you probably talk about anything but the purchase, start with the incredible art of bargaining.
Although your goal is to get the part as cheaply as possible, before lowering the price to the maximum, think about what those difference coins mean to you and what they may be to the seller . Try to be as fair as possible and not pretend that the seller loses money with the sale to take the memory, for only a few euros less.
Market in Asia7. Know the culture and try to be educated with it
We must bear in mind that cultural differences with Asia are probably much more remarkable than with other parts of the world. It would be convenient to know a little of the culture and customs of the country to which you will travel, in order to enjoy it to the fullest.

Although, as is normal, you will not be able to know all the country’s ins and outs, so if you are in a situation where you do not know how to act, apply the maximum of the traveler par excellence: Wherever you go do what you see . We are sure that if you do, you will be integrated into the country much sooner than you think.
Melaka river walk
old woman asian market
8. Move in local transportation. You will save and you will meet many people
Besides being the cheapest way to get around, getting around in local transport is one of the best options to get to know a country and its people . And is that there is no more appropriate time to engage in a conversation than after 4 hours on a bus and when you know that you still have another 5 hours ahead surrounded by the same landscapes.
transport motorcycles streets asia
9. Know the time before leaving home
Although weather is not an exact science or much less, it is not a bad idea to inquire about weather forecasts before traveling. This will allow you to go more prepared and also bring some B plan prepared in case the weather is not on your side someday.
In spite of that, we assure you that in Asia, for the most part, the rains are of short duration and afterwards, the sun always returns.