Best Replacement Air Filter Parts For Cars,

Why would you want to spend more money on an performance car air filter? There are many performance filters on the market but what do performance car air filter offer? These are all questions that you ask before when you first hear about them. The first thing that you will hear is that performance car air filter have better flow. What does that get me? Then you will here better protection and longer lasting. What does that give me?
The first benefit of a performance filter will have is much better flow then the standard paper filter that your car or truck came with. On a basic level your engine is an air pump and pumps air in though the performance car air filter.
performance air filter
The more restricted the flow harder the engine has to work to pull in that air or may be operating with a deficiency of air which is the case with a dirty performance car air filter. The better flow will result in an increase of Horsepower and Gas Mileage. Most varieties of performance filters offer much longer life spans then their paper construction counterparts.
This difference between these are because performance filters are depth loading air filters where they will capture dirt throughout the layers of the filter. Where standard paper filters will stop dirt right at the surface which is referred as a surface loading filter. This clogs the filter much faster and restricts the air flow more over the life span of the filter. Most performance car air filters are oiled and can be cleaned and re-oiled so you will never have to purchase a new one. Even between cleanings they can last up to 3 times longer then that traditional paper filter.

They offer more power, better gas mileage and longer lasting. Over the coarse of 50,000 miles the better gas mileage will pay for itself.